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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — FAYETTEVILLE | FORT BRAGG | SANDHILLS REGION VOLUME 8 — ISSUE 2 36 Halfway between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the gorgeous North Carolina coast, Moore County, with its central location in the state, is a great place to live and to work. Within the county are numerous incorporated municipalities as well as several smaller communities; each reflecting the region's rich southern culture and history. With only an a hour's drive to either Raleigh or Fayetteville, more and more young families have come to find Moore County the perfect place to start or reinvent a career. Retirees love all that the area affords them in the choice of activities that allow them to either relax or stay as active and energetic as they choose. Entrepreneurs looking for a rich "start-up" atmosphere also have begun to flock to the county. A mild climate, nationally recognized medical community, quality school system, premier college as well as a vibrant business community are just a few reasons individuals and families are learning to enjoy the attractiveness of the big city while not missing out on small town charm in Moore County. The region is rich historically speaking. Archaeologists have estimated that Native Americans of the Siouan family could trace habitation to the area as early as the sixth century. In fact a trail believed to have been first created by buffaloes on their annual migration from the piedmont to the coastal marshes would eventually become known as the Yadkin Road and frequented by early European settlers in the early 1700's. Others came to the territory via the "Great Wagon Road" (if coming from the north) or up the Cape Fear River Valley (if travelling from the southern MOORE COUNTY MOORE COUNTY BY LAUREL HYATT coastal area near what is now Wilmington). There was a rather large arrival of Highland Scots who also settled in the Sandhills located in the southeast part of the county. Though the soil was not as rich as further north or west, the Scots established the manufacture of naval stores from the abundant forests of pine and turned it into a major industry in the process. Soon after the American Revolution, in the mid- 1780's, Moore officially became a County (named after a famous militia colonel and later Supreme Court Judge, Alfred Moore). The area was recovering from the effects of the war and soon began to prosper, building schools and industries (including a gun factory in Robbins and a famous carriage factory in Carthage). The Civil War stymied the progress the county had made but by the 1870's the Raleigh and Augusta Railroad had been built through the Sandhills region and the county had a means of shipping their pine products in major fashion. If that wasn't enough, during the 1880's the area was blessed with a little "kiss from God!" For many health ailments at that time, there was only one known treatment – fresh air and mineral water. Well, the Sandhills was blessed with an abundance of both! Soon, people flocked to the new "resort" towns popping up along the railway; some looking to improve their health, others just wanting a "sanctuary" far away from bitter northern winters. Southern Pines became one of the most popular destinations. Then in the mid 1890's Pinehurst resort village was built with heretofore unheard of luxuries like an elegant inn, telephone system, even electricity! Actually the area is filled with historical and natural sites still available to tour. The Southern Pines Historic District is home to the Shaw House (c. 1820) the town's oldest home illustrating the daily life of early Scottish settlers. The depot, built in 1898, is still serving passengers today via Amtrak. There's the Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities and the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame. The Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve is a NC State Park with nearly 900 acres of flora and fauna, more than four miles of hiking trails and an interactive museum. If you have any energy left, check out the Sunrise Theater which began as a hardware store in the late 1800's, evolved into a movie theater in the 1940's, and now is a performing arts center. Of course what would a visit to Moore County and the Sandhills be without some golf? And we're not just talking any golf — Golf Digest has ranked Pinehurst in its Top 10 "Best-Buddies Trip Destination" List. Pinehurst has been one of the highest ranked golf >> relax, explore, and tee time

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