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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE—TRIAD NC | VOLUME 16—ISSUE 2 22 MOVING TIPS & TRICKS that these quotes are not always guaranteed and also make sure the moving company is reliable. So, now you should have a pretty good cost-comparison between hiring a company and moving it yourself. If this is all you're concerned about, you can pretty much stop right here and make your decision. But if time is a factor, then you may want to take it a step farther: How much time will it take to pack your things, load your things and drive it all to your new destination? Do you have additional help like friends, family, neighbors or co-workers that can lend a hand? Are there fragile or special items that will require special handling? Can you move these items yourself? If not, what will it cost to move them? Will you need to rent additional equipment/supplies/hired-hands to move larger items such as appliances? Hiring a good moving company is a lot harder than you might think. Once again you start by doing some research, most of which can be done right from your com- puter. Select at least 5 companies and interview them over the phone. Get familiar with moving terminology, such as binding and non-binding estimates. Most companies have websites that list their services, service history, destina- tions they are willing to move to, and roughly how much it will cost. This is a great place to get background infor- mation and to start compiling a list of potential compa- nies. Also, most companies will list contact information, including e-mail addresses, allowing you to ask questions and be provided with a written response. Also ask around among friends, family and colleagues. They can perhaps recommend a company. Go to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and find out if your potential mover has a Department of Transporta- tion (DOT) number. This number ensures that the com- pany is registered with the Department of Transportation. According to FMCSA, watch for signs of rogue movers such as those not offering an on-site inspection of your household goods before giving you an estimate; those de- manding cash or a large deposit upfront; the ones with no local address; or if on moving day, a company who shows up in a rental truck rather than a company-owned and marked fleet truck. Make note of anything suspicious. If you're moving locally, moving yourself may make more sense and save you money. Self-moves tend to be financially smarter if you're moving a short distance, but there are some points to remember when you start your research. You'll need a truck. As mentioned earlier, size depends on how big of a household you're moving. You'll also need to book in advance to make sure of availability. Moving equipment such as dollies, pads, and blankets also add to the self-move total as well as insurance. Some preparation on your part in the beginning can make something even as life changing as moving from your home to a new home a good adventure.[] 213 SOUTH MAIN STREET, GRAHAM, NC, 27253 · 336-226-4495 · WWW.ALAMANCEARTS.ORG

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