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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE—TRIAD NC | VOLUME 16—ISSUE 2 32 GREENSBORO Greensboro BY LYNNE BRANDON Greensboro is hidden no more! A group of international visitors set their sights on Greensboro in October when they were in the "Gate City" as a part of a women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) themed program. The International Visitor Leadership Program brought the women from Belgium, Palestine, Mauritius, Egypt, South Africa and India to observe STEM efforts in the U.S. and in Greensboro. As a part of their Greensboro experience, their local host, North Carolina Global Leadership took the group to the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nano- engineering, Greensboro's STEM Early College, a unique partnership with a specialized public science- focused high school and NC A&T University (the largest Historically Black University in the U.S.). The starry- eyed experience continued at the Forge, a community makerspace where the visitors were able to "forge" a new experience by trying their hand at welding. They also met a family member of one of the scientists in the film "Hidden Figures." What's all this got to do with Greensboro? Plenty. It often takes an outsider to bring a city into focus with fresh eyes and perspective to see what is around us – a growing entrepreneurial thread runs throughout the city with local businesses springing up every day, a history, diversity, & noshing booming downtown ripe with development and a feeling of excitement in the air. Change is on horizon, literally at the hands of developers who are doing more than merely eyeing Greensboro's long overlooked potential. A long talked about Urban Loop is transforming the city with new and faster access to interstates, even if the construction pains will take several years. To bring some color and life during the change, developer Marty Kotis hired international artists to bring life to Greensboro with colorful murals throughout the city. Some of the eye popping street art is found on the walls of RED Cinema with a larger than life image of Wonder Woman, a futuristic scene of Tokyo and more. Like most cities experiencing growth, the boom started downtown. Hotels are on the rise and in the midst of construction, a performing arts center is taking shape, museums are expanding and restaurants are opening. Spend an afternoon or a day at Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro Historic Museum or the Children's Museum which opened its newest indoor exhibit "Water Wonders" in October 2018. The International Civil Rights Museum tells the story of Greensboro's role in the Sit-In movement led by four local North Carolina A & T students in the '60s. A short distance from downtown is one of the city's most unique museum-like experiences. Backing up to Country Park, the Greensboro Science Center is a favorite of all ages. The complex is an aquarium, a science center and zoological park, all rolled into one. The center's Carolina SciQuarium is North Carolina's only center-of-state aquarium. Expansions for the Science Center are planned which will double the size of GSC's zoo when completed in 2020. Among the new animals taking up residence will be pygmy hippos, red pandas, Malayan tigers, and cassowaries. Triad Stage Theater entertains audiences all year with award-winning shows in its intimate theatre setting. The renovated Carolina Theater showcases national acts such as Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keane, Bobby Bones (2018 winner of Dancing with The Stars), movie classics at the holidays, and more. Audiences are inspired by national figures, artists, Nobel Peace Prize winners and other speakers at Guilford College's Bryan Series, wowed with performances at the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and Greensboro Opera with performances like "Madame Butterfly." Holiday events and special festivals keep locals entertained throughout the year. Excitement is growing daily as the long awaited Stephen Tanger Center for Performing Arts takes shape. When completed in 2020, the center will have a capacity of 3,000 seats and will host more than 150 events annually.>> GREENSBORO STATS POPULATION 280,000 MEDIAN HOME VALUE $159,000 MEDIAN GROSS RENT $1,230 COST OF LIVING 88.4 / US 100

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