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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE—TRIAD NC | VOLUME 16—ISSUE 2 66 Bolster pillows are back and being used in lots of ways. If you have an armless sofa, and it doesn't seem comfortable, add the bolster to the ends. These are easy to make or have made. This trend is new, so it might be hard to find on the retail market. Head to your local fabric store like The Interior Alternative on Lawndale in Greensboro and pick out a snappy fabric and the forms available, too. They even have people who can make them for you. This is a great store for inspiration and their help is amazing. Speaking of pillows, check out the direction of pillows— so many colors and textures. Pillows are a great way to change up a room for very low cost. If you just do pillow covers and they have a zipper, you only need a couple sets of down forms. The covers store flat and do not take up space. I suggest you use a down filler, they are easy to fluff, great stress relievers, and do not go flat like poly. Let's talk wallpaper. Wallpaper is not ducks or chicken or small flowers or IVY! Wallpaper is a geometric with hints of a metallic; another great look is something big and bold. This is usually a large pattern or a mural. This takes the place of art and really can carry a room. >> HOME DÉCOR Home Décor BY LAURA REDD You have made your move and have arrived in a wonderful place. Welcome to North Carolina! The beach and mountains are basically 3 hours in either direction, depending on where you live. We have great weather, all 4 seasons and friendly people. Great wineries and breweries, theater, and the symphony. You would think that is enough, but no, we have the largest furniture show in the world in our backyard, The High Point Furniture Market. It is an amazing way to see all the new trends and styles that are headed your way through the eyes of the trade. As fast as all the trends change, knowing what is just around the corner adds to the life of your design style. Let's do a walk through the trends I saw at market and how you can add them to your home. Gray has shifted to a taupe and pink has shifted to copper. The direction is back to warmer colors, mixed with soft golds and navy blue with emerald green. If you fell in love with the gray family, look to add a touch of copper, or green, maybe in a pillow, or a navy mingled throw to soften the look of the sofa. trends, styles, remodeling

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