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VOLUME 10—ISSUE 1 21 THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — CHARLOTTE | VOLUME 2 — ISSUE 2 R E A LT O R S ® TA K E O N M A N Y R O L E S . WWW.WHATROLE.COM ENGAGED IN AN UNRELENTING PURSUIT OF THE WIN-WIN KNOWS THE RIGHT BUTTONS TO PUSH THE PERFECT MIX OF FLEXIBILITY AND WILL BEEN THERE BEFORE & PREPPED FOR THIS MOMENT POLISHED OPEN-MINDED ARTICULATE CREATIVE EXPERIENCED PATIENT FLEXIBLE PREPARED DECISIVE POSITIVE There's a subtle difference between giving in and compromising. Giving in is bending to the unwanted will of the other party. Compromising is getting something you want for something they want. It takes someone with experience to be able to identify the compromise moments and avoid the giving in moments. They say a good negotiator leaves both parties wanting, but that isn't true. A good negotiator leaves both parties believing they made out better. And few pursue the win-win better than a REALTOR ® . COCKER SPANIEL ON THE OUTSIDE, BULLDOG ON THE INSIDE. {

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