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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — CHARLOTTE | VOLUME 2 — ISSUE 2 56 LINCOLN COUNTY Lincoln County near the city. near the mountains. near perfect. Lincoln County, nestled in the North Carolina foothills, is in an advantageous location. To the west lie the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Along the county's eastern border sits Lake Norman, the state's largest freshwater lake. No matter where you are in Lincoln County, scenic natural beauty is always on display for appreciation and enjoyment. Lincoln County residents also appreciate and enjoy the nearness of Charlotte, the state's largest city, and Asheville, arguably its most picturesque. Largely rural with many small towns and townships, you can choose to live near Lake Norman and enjoy all of the boating and watersport activities it affords. Or, you can opt for a more urban lifestyle near the county's center, in or around Lincolnton, so you have easier access to shopping and entertainment options. You could also hang your hat in the western part of the county, where rolling hills and farmlands meander upward into the highlands of the state. With but one small city within its borders, Lincoln County has grown since its inception in 1785. It still, however, retains its small town charm while providing residents with easy access to both big-city amenities and the area's built-in natural resources. Today, it is home to more than 80,000 residents, all of whom are presented daily with opportunities for education, advancement, and the satisfaction of a pleasant quality of life. Named for Benjamin Lincoln, a major general during the American Revolutionary War, Lincoln County has undergone many changes over the years. The centrally located city of Lincolnton, home to around 11,000 residents, serves as the county's capital. As with the rest of the county, Lincolnton's location makes it highly desirable as a place in which to live or do business. Reflecting that sentiment is the town's motto: "Near the City. Near the Mountains. Near Perfect." Other towns that help make the county special and add to its charm and appeal include Denver, Iron Station, Westport, and Lowesville. Part of the town of Maiden also dips into the county from the north (the other part lies in neighboring Catawba County). Smaller communities and townships in Lincoln County include Boger City, Laurel Hill, Polkadot, Toluca, Vale, Catawba Springs, Howard's Creek, Ironton and North Brook. These cities and towns provide a lifestyle and a landscape for families who appreciate a sense of community while at the same time enjoy the amenities that only a big metro area can provide. There are many parks in Lincoln County for the health and enjoyment of area youth, adults and seniors. McBee Street Park in Lincolnton, Denver's Rock Springs Nature Preserve, Beatty's Ford Park, and Rescue Squad Park, which is home to the Denver Farmer's Market; and West Lincoln Park and Vale Recreation Park, both in Vale. Serving around 12,000 students, the Lincoln County Schools school district supports 23 schools, including 13 elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools and the Lincoln County School of Technology. In a testament to its dedication to providing its students with a quality foundation for learning, Lincoln County Schools' high school graduation rate of 91 percent is almost 5 percent higher than the state average. The system was also ranked 23rd out of 115 for graduation rate, 16th for grade level proficiency, and 15th for college readiness. For higher education, Gaston College has a satellite campus in Lincolnton that offers a variety of educational options. Cultural arts are a big part of the Lincoln County experience, largely due to the presence of the Lincoln Cultural Center, which was originally built in 1922. Located in Lincolnton and listed on the National Register of Historical Places, the center plays host to an active arts council, theater and choral guilds, historical and community concert associations, and a local chapter of the North Carolina Symphony Association. Lincoln County provides residents with a variety of housing options and scenic natural beauty making it a perfect place to call home. [] BY BRETT CORNWRIGHT LINCOLN COUNT Y STATS LAND AREA: 297.94 SQUARE MILES 2016 POPULATION ESTIMATE: 81,168 SOURCE: WWW.NCPEDIA.ORG

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