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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — UPSTATE SC | VOLUME 11 — ISSUE 1 62 HOME DÉCOR Clothes make the man (and woman) but another indicator of fashion trends can be seen by looking at our most personal spaces—our homes. Home décor trends are showcased each spring and fall in markets across the U.S. with the same anticipation as Fashion Week in New York City. Trends come and go, but each year there is a new perspective or twist in home furnishings. Since changing an entire home's décor and furnishings is not feasible for most, consumers lean toward adding one or two new pieces each season. Freshening up a home can be as simple as adding color with new pil- lows or other accessories, lighting or even new paint color on walls. Transitional is a key word in the industry for it allows subtle changes, mixing current and new pieces and design elements while not breaking the bank. The result is a classic, timeless design like the trench coat or A-line skirt, pieces that never go out of style. In furniture the effect is simple yet refned, featuring straight lines or rounded silhouettes. Fabrics are as diverse as graphic patterns on overstuffed sofas and textured chenilles on luxurious wood frames. Transitional fur- niture marries a mix of contemporary and traditional pieces. A basic Lawson arm sofa with a skirt is a good example. Accessories are the jewelry of the home and herald that spring has sprung with soft spring colors seen in boutique stores, design studios and markets across the country. Wildwood Lamps are inspired by the bounty of bright, cheerful colors found in spring gardens, from sunfower yellow to lime green. The focus is on fresh, like the Zulu Lamp in Lavender or the Santa Clara Wedding Lamp in gardenia orange, which can work in a variety of interior styles. Lighter leather colors and fabric furniture are seen in manufacture lines such as: Jessica Charles' Hol- lans Chair, Hancock & Moore's Painters' Chair and Sculpture Sofa, and Taylor King's Josefna Ottoman. "I would say the 'beach cabin look' is defnitely trend- ing this season, "said Claire Wei, director of Lennon & Associates. She stated that foral fabrics continue to be Transitional Décor Treads Lightly BY LINDSEY GREY popular but are done in a more muted palette. Finishes gravitate toward bleached wood in Jonathan Charles' spring collection as well as brighter colors, evok- ing a lighthearted spirit. It's equally playful and whim- sical, which refects people's attitude when springtime arrives after a long cold winter. Color isn't an emphasis as much as the softer wood fnishes play a role in creating 'spring' energy. Barbara Dalton with Dalton Interiors is an independent designer in Greenville. She is also an independent consul- tant for Old Colony Furniture in Greenville. Dalton works with a variety of clients and styles to create a living space that fts the needs of the person. "The trend of outdoor furniture and living spaces con- tinues," said Dalton. "There are lots of outdoor spaces in homes and they become another room in the house, essentially another family room. "We try to make it fow in continuity with the house and become an extension of the home." Fire pits are used outside and arranged with wicker furni- ture with outdoor fnishes going toward pewter and graphite, rather than brown. Covered areas have an added indoor feel with technology added such as fat- screen televisions. Manufacturer Brown Jordan at Old Colony includes furnishing and design elements for outdoor living. The spring line features outdoor chairs in a variety of fabrics and finishes such as wrought iron or wrought alumi- num, with upholstered seats. Finishes for tables are stone, wood or an elegant faux version of either finish. The good news for homeowners is versatility and that these pieces work equally well indoors as well as out- doors. The blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor furnishings will continue to be a strong trend for spring/ summer 2015. The adage of "what goes around comes around" holds true in decorating. In some rooms of the house wallpa- per is making a comeback particularly in bathrooms, powder rooms and foyers. Stamped grass cloth, natural fibers, and textured looks are popular. Lighting choices are varied with "bling" and sparkle attractive to some consumers. The repurposed look is extremely popular with choices such as the lantern look.

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