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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — TRIANGLE NC | VOLUmE 16 — IssUE 1 56 home décor Make It Your House, In Style putting it all together by rhonda benvie It's ofcial! You are moving to the Triangle and you are excited, nervous, and possibly overwhelmed. You have so much to do and your head is spinning. Did you know that a local interior designer could be your best asset? Whether you are building a house, buying a brand new house, or buying an older home, chances are there will be something that you have to do. Hardly ever are you able to move from one house to another and everything ft perfectly unless you buy the same exact house. Let's talk about building a house frst. You have found the perfect realtor to help you in the buying process. If not, a local interior designer has recommendations for a qualifed realtor. You have narrowed the area down and now you are in search of a neighborhood. Bringing in an interior designer in the beginning can actually save you time and costly mistakes. Interior designers look at plans diferently than architects. We look at window and door placement and how furniture will lay out in a room. If you are in love with the furniture you have, then we can determine if it will ft in the plan. If something does not work in the plan, it is early enough in the process to tweak it. There are many decisions that have to be made when building a house. Every little part of the home has to be chosen, down to the door knobs. Most likely, you have moved here for a job and time of is limited. An interior designer makes all the choices easy and seamless. You can decide how much you choose to use the designer's services. Some homeowners pick out choices and then run their choices by the interior designer for approval and feedback. Others want the interior designer to make selections and run the choices by them. It all depends on that one little factor—time. A great interior designer works for the homeowner, not the other way around. They will be able to help you from the foundation all the way until the last lamp is placed. You could be buying a brand new house that is already built. You may need new furniture. Maybe you need to paint because it is builder beige. The movers come and you have no idea how to place the furniture. The windows are wide open and you are hanging sheets for privacy! Interior designers either have a shop with everything you need or they know exactly where to get the items. The best thing is that they save you that one precious commodity—time. Let's face it—you are new to the area. You have no idea where to go and where to get the best service. Interior designers know all the best spots. With all the HGTV hype, maybe a fxer upper is more your style. With that comes lots of decisions. It is much like building a new house, but could possibly be more of a headache. You never know what you will fnd. A fxer upper on the other hand, is so rewarding when done. A designer has a wealth of knowledge, especially if they have been in the area for many years. We have a name for every home service that exists. If you need a contractor, we can give you several that we know do fabulous work. If you need countertops, we know where to go. Hardwood foors? No problem, we have a name for that too.

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