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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE—TRIAD NC | VOLUME 14—ISSUE 1 34 what you have and think about how you can add a bit of this color mix to your home. Try a throw for a chair or a lamp with an interesting shade. These are inexpensive ways to add the current trends without having to replace everything in a space. A big shift right now is the look of rugs. An area rug is the biggest accent you can add to a room. Area rugs are more abstract with splashes of color on a neutral background. Colors like teal and fuchsia are being seen. These will create great excitement and a fresh look to any space. Also large graphic patterned rugs are being seen to add drama and color within a small space. These rugs are often indoor outdoor, making them very durable, affordable, and are very pet and kid friendly. Fixtures and faucets are going in a whole new direction, and the direction is gold. A soft muted gold that is a bit brushed is now in the current market. As you head out to a Big Box store, take the time to notice how much gold is hitting the market. Add gold to your home décor in picture frames, lamps or a light fixture. Many accent tables are being featured with warm gold on the metal bases. But let me say this: the quatrefoil pattern is a very popular shape, but when it hits a Kleenex box it is time to retire the pattern! There is a correlation between fashion and home décor. Fashion reflects soft tones for the season, with black and white leading the direction. Lots and lots of aquatic creatures are being seen. The octopus is the hot creature and is being seen everywhere. Nautical designs and symbols are being seen on pillows, throws, dishes and serving ware to accent any space. How do you create a personal look and bring in the new ideas and trends? A surefire way to get the look you want is to bring in an interior designer to help you sort through the ideas and come up with a plan that fits your style. The style of your home should represent all the members that live there. So, if you have kids and animals, a white linen sofa is not a good idea. Using a high performance fabric that has a look of linen, but gives you durability, is a great idea. Another is making sure you are putting styles together that flow with the style of the home. If you like a contemporary home, but you purchase Tuscan style furnishings, it will be a hard stretch to get the two styles to congeal. If you prefer transitional décor, clean clear lines are what you should be looking for in your house. Family pieces! We all have pieces from family members that may have been passed down or given to us. However, if they truly do not look good or the style has become very dated, then a refresh is needed to incorporate them into your home. Recovering a HOME DÉCOR Home Décor BY LAURA REDD A new home is very exciting and full of opportunity, but it can be very overwhelming. Everything had its place in your previous home. How will it come together in your new home? A new space is the perfect time to create a new look! That means it's time to change things and create something that gives a new fresh feel, and maintains a sense of comfort — comfort is what your home is all about. Of course you will want to keep certain pieces, family antiques, or art from someone special. These we know we want to use because they say home right away. The other thing that will say home is a color that is familiar. Maybe we use it in a new space like a powder room or master bath. Let's look at current trends and style to begin to create your special look. Let's start with color. People ask me all the time what are the current color trends and what will be coming next. Gray is still the new neutral, with lots of blues in the mix, to create a look that is a bit cool, but gets warmed up when mixed with colors like copper and navy blue. What is on the horizon is a blue mixed with a red which mean purple! Yes! Lots of purple, but the purple is gray in base so it is a muted soft purple. This can be used with taupe, cream, and teal green. Take a look at old favorites, new styles — making a house a home

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