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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — TRIANGLE NC | VOLUME 16 — ISSUE 2 90 HEALTH & WELLNESS Signature Smiles, located in Cary, is a newly-opened, modern dental practice that focuses on to- tal oral care. The team's goal is to ensure that every patient receives a signature experience that is both comfortable and educational. Whether you need a simple clean- ing or a more extensive procedure, Dr. Archie Cook, Jr. provides com- prehensive smile services for every patient. The team puts your dental goals first and helps you find a signature smile that is completely your own. The offices of Dr. C. Ashley Mann are staffed by a caring, friendly and professional team, using genuine old-fashioned skill and care alongside the latest technology to give you the best experience possible. The team at Dr. Ashley Mann prides itself on a helpful and friendly staff, highly skilled doctors, and won- derful patients. From routine cleanings and general checkups to oral cancer screenings, they can handle all of your personal and family dental care needs. A dazzling, confident smile can be one of your most valuable assets, while an imperfect one can feel like a lifelong liability. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and new dental breakthroughs, the team at Dr. Ashley Mann can radi- cally improve your self-esteem and enhance confidence with a smile makeover. If you are most concerned about where and how to acquire supreme oral care and dental services, VPreston Dental is here to share their professional viewpoint that can clearly address your unique dental needs and desires. Our mission is to contrib- ute an unlimited, quality dental care for families. Whether you're up for a regular dental check-up, needing a specific dental proce- dure or customized treatment, Dr. Valerie Preston and team will take care of you with cuttingiedge tech- nology and modern dentistry. [] ORTHODONTICS FOR ADULTS & CHILDREN 2824 Rogers Rd., Ste. 200 Wake Forest, NC 27587 [located in Heritage Wake Forest] 919.453.6325 • State-of-the-Art Technologies • Impressionless Digital Scans • Super Elite Provider for Invisalign® • Free Initial Consultation A perfect smile can be so rewarding! RIGHT SIZE YOUR PORTIONS WATCH LESS TV EAT MORE FRUITS & VEGGIES PREPARE MORE MEALS AT HOME DRINK MORE WATER Refreshing, healthy and free. Make water your drink of choice. Sodas, sweet tea and other sugary drinks taste great but are high in calories. So drink water. Add a lemon or other natural fl avorings if you like. Your body will thank you. EMPOWER YOURSELF. Thirsty for more? Visit: I WILL MORE WATER! MOVE MORE

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