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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — UPSTATE SC | VOLUME 12 — ISSUE 2 36 GAFFNEY Gaffney BY THE GAFFNEY VISITORS CENTER history, antiques, art, and a giant peachoid One's lineage is an important element to truly grasping from whom and where you originated. If your lineage can be traced back to 1776 or earlier you most likely have ancestors who fought in or encountered one of the greatest battles in American history, the Revolutionary War. Thousands of men from across land and sea were drawn into armed combat over the future of America, the future in which you are now living. South Carolina had more Revolutionary War battles than any of the other colonies. Decisive victories for the Patriot cause were won at the battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens. Kings Mountain National Military Park and Cowpens National Battlefield are now national parks that commemorate those battles, and each is located in what is now Cherokee County, SC. The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail is a 330 mile route that memorializes the militia men who traveled over the mountains to join other Patriot forces at Kings Mountain. For those interested in discovering their lineage we encourage you to visit the Cherokee County Library. The library's genealogy room contains microfilm of Cherokee County newspapers dating back to the late 1800's to present day. Other helpful sources include cemetery records, local family histories, school yearbooks, and various materials associated with Cherokee County history. Learning your family tree is much simpler than you may have imagined thanks to our local library. Today, thousands travel to Gaffney to visit our historic parks and other sites related to the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War is honored annually in October during Rev War Weekend. This is the largest event that Gaffney hosts, attracting roughly 10,000 tourists each year. Celebratory events take place the first week in October including reenactments, living history days and other park activities. "The number one reason for tourism in Cherokee County is interest in Revolutionary War history," stated LeighAnn Snuggs, Director of Marketing and Tourism for the City of Gaffney. "Cherokee County is unique in being the only county in the nation with three national parks. Each of them honors the memory of those who participated in the Revolutionary War. Cherokee County has trails, patriot and British graves, forts, monuments, battlefields, muster grounds, and more. All these things enhance the experiences of residents, visitors and tourists." Join us January 16th and 17th for the Morgan's Victory March. This march is a 25 mile walk that retraces the route of General Daniel Morgan and his Flying Army. It will begin at Grindal Shoals, near Pacolet, and end at the Cowpens National Battlefield. Re-enactors and historians will describe what was happening at that time 236 years ago as the militia units were mustering to help Morgan's Continentals defend their homeland against the British invaders. Retrace the route and relive the story with us. Other events of interest in January include living history days at Cowpens National Battlefield and the 236th anniversary of the Battle. The City of Gaffney, which is the county seat of Cherokee County, is located midway between the two battlefields, and the final portion of the 330 mile Overmountain Men route, which extends through Cherokee County, SC. Limestone Street, the main street in Gaffney, is a part of the Overmountain Victory Trail. Bringing a piece of the past home with you is now easier than ever; while exploring this historic trail on Gaffney's remarkable main street there is plenty opportunity to wander through the many antique shops available. >>

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