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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — UPSTATE SC | VOLUME 12 — ISSUE 2 38 GAFFNEY Over the past few years downtown Gaffney has prospered, now offering a variety of store options including six antique shops. For the old at heart Black Horse Antiques, Pieces from the Past Antiques, and Broad River Shops will suit your taste. They offer original and authentic antiques. If you are more of a modern soul then Artz Antiques is the perfect fit for you. They put a modern spin to their one-of-a-kind antique items. Whatever your style happens to be, downtown Gaffney has you covered. Historical downtown Gaffney recently amplified its beauty by adding a Revolutionary War mural. The mural is located on the Capri building directly beside the Michael Gaffney log home. It displays Patriot and Loyalists soldiers barging into the woods for battle. Local Limestone College students are the master minds behind this great addition to Gaffney. This historical mural is the first of many, as it has sparked interests in many building owners downtown. The Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway is another significant attraction of Gaffney. The ancient path traveled by the Cherokee people from their homes in the mountains to hunting grounds in the foothills has become a two-lane road that covers 112 miles of diverse scenery. Astonishing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains make this one of the best scenic drives and was noted by Reader's Digest as one of the top scenic routes in the United States. The Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway (State Route 11) is designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation as a National Scenic Byway. Gaffney's position of SC Highway 11 provides hotels, restaurants, and many local points of interest, including the Gaffney Visitors Center and Art Gallery, the Peachoid, peach orchards, cotton fields, the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, and the Cowpens National Battlefield. The northern end of the highway is located in historic downtown Gaffney, and the southern end is at exit 1, just beyond the South Carolina/Georgia border. The Gaffney Visitors Center provides guests with a Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway Travel Guide. The guide was prepared by the City of Gaffney Department of Marketing and Tourism and received the Bundy Award at the 2015 SC Governor's Conference on Tourism and Travel for outstanding achievement in marketing and tourism. History is equally as important for adults and kids alike. The City of Gaffney is dedicated to informing and teaching children Revolutionary War history, too. Peaches on the Trail is a coloring book that features a cat named Peaches who travels down the American Revolution trails through Gaffney and its surrounding areas. The coloring book has

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