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4 THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — CAPE FEAR NC | VOLUME 12—ISSUE 2 Call us today for more info 910-208-9305 Visit our website at Hanover Reserve Starting in the mid $250's Winds Harbor Starting in the $300's Lanvale Forest Starting in the mid $100's The Willows Starting in the mid $100's A C D B WILMINGTON 17 17 17 17 421 74 74 74 74 76 76 117 117 117 133 132 140 ANDREW JACKSON HWY MARKET ST MARKET ST S COLLEGE RD SHIPYARD BLVD OLEANDER DR EASTWOOD RD M A R T I N L U T H E R K I N G J R P K W Y C A R O L I N A B E A C H R D O C E A N H W Y E 4 0 74 76 140 INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH A D C B Beautiful new homes close to coastal waterways, beaches, entertainment, culture and history on the North Carolina coast.

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