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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — TRIANGLE NC | VOLUME 17 — ISSUE 1 60 NATURAL HEALTHCARE OPTIONS Nature's the Comeback Kid in Healthcare In our society, people are becoming weary of the push for prescription medications and processed foods. You've likely often seen a commercial for a sleeping pill, for example, with side effects more extreme than the health concern the pill was intended to fix. There's a growing trend to become more health conscious, and there's a greater population now questioning the ingredients in food and the excesses of medications. A recent essential oils class I took reinforced this very notion that people want pure, organic food and natural remedies to cure common diseases and health concerns. Pharmaceutical companies make billions per year. The driver for greater profit has heralded a push for substances that are often harmful, or even toxic — all in their pursuit of more money. Several studies have shown we've invested $787 billion in our healthcare system, yet we're not any healthier than previous years. They profit from illness. For those of us looking for something cost- efficient, preventative, and natural, essential oils are a vital resource. And these oils have their curative roots extending back to ancient civilizations that used herbs and spices to heal the body and mind. And we still can use them today in their purest form. Essential Oils: Nature's Extract. Your Health Solution. Essential oils are just that — essential. They are concentrated extracts from plants that are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. These oils can penetrate the cell membranes that antibiotics CANNOT, allowing the oils to kill the viruses and bacteria. And, best of all, they're less expensive than most medicines and have more lasting and effective results. Simple oils such as peppermint and orange can help with a list of health issues: Fever, Fatigue, Allergies, Headaches, Indigestion, Cold/flu, and so on! They are not used just for aromatherapy. They can be used internally and topically, but keep in mind that these oils are so concentrated, you only need a few drops at a time. This allows them to last much longer than usual medications and are far more potent. BUT … Be sure to read the label because many essential oils sold in stores are not 100% pure. Working in long-term care with seniors has given me the confidence that all of this — essential oils, health- consciousness, ingredient awareness, medication averse — is a start to a much needed shift in our mentality on wellness and treatment of diseases. Let's get back to simpler and healthier times. [] healthy options in senior years VICTORIA SOSA Cambridge Village

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