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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — TRIANGLE NC | VOLUME 17 — ISSUE 2 26 MOVING TIPS & TRICKS "Sink Reflections," and co-author of the New York Time's best-seller "Body Clutter." I talked with the "FlyLady" from her Brevard, North Carolina home from which, for over 17 years, she has mentored folks on sub- jects like stress-free moving. Through her daily emails and web site, she offers de-cluttering and organization advice and tips to over half a million subscribers in 92 countries, so she must be getting something right! Cilley teaches her inquirers to "baby step" through the process of moving. That's right, "baby step." Ac- cording to the "FlyLady" you have to break everything in the move down into smaller parts so that you do not get overwhelmed. Cilley says to remember that many times in relocat- ing you're going from a larger home where you began your married life and raised a family to a down-sized smaller home for just two. According to Cilley, "the problem is you can't take everything from a 4-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom condo at the beach or mountain cabin. Somethings just can't go!" "The real problem at moving time comes with what to do with keepsakes and items of sentimental value." Cilley's cardinal rules for dealing with not only keep- sakes, but just about any item in your home are, before you pack it, ask yourself: 1. Do I love it? 2. Do I have a place for it? 3. Where is that place? It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many "treasures" or "must-haves" this eliminates from the mov- ing van, saving you time, money and stress! Also, utilizing a neutral friend or accountability partner to help "sort your life" will greatly improve the process. What to do with the items you decide not to take with you? Again I defer to the "FlyLady." "Bless someone else with them," Cilley added. "If a family member has always wanted grandma's cupboard, give it her – she probably really loves it!" Other ideas include donating to charities, neighbors, or even selling (if there's time and it doesn't increase your stress level). Above all, don't get overwhelmed – 15 minutes at a time can make a big difference in any job if you have some guidelines that are simple and you don't try to do every- thing at once. Is there such a thing as a "stress-free move"? I think you can get pretty close with a little planning, a little help, and some flexibility! [] The 32nd Annual International Festival of Raleigh Coupon Code CM2017 One Day Pass: Saturday $6-$15 Sunday $6-$10 Family Pack: $20-$30 Discover Heroes Around the World! Buy Tickets Online at Fri. Oct 20th: 10 AM - 10 PM Sat. Oct 21st: 10 AM - 10 PM Sun. Oct 22nd: 1 1 AM - 6 PM Raleigh Convention Center Family Day Friday International Cafes & Bazaars Dancers from around the world Folkloric Fashion Show Cultural Booths Wedding Traditions Dance Competition Naturalization Ceremony MS. World Ambassador $5 before 5pm − $7 after 5pm

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