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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — TRIANGLE NC | VOLUME 17 — ISSUE 2 74 NATURAL HEALTHCARE OPTIONS Pets Are Good for You Who doesn't love coming home to a happy, furry friend who loves you unconditionally no matter how you look, feel or what kind of day you've had? As people get older we see a spike in depression and isolation as friends and family around them are no longer present and that's where the benefits of pets can come in. There are several benefits of having pets and as more research is done we are finding out the health benefits as well. According to a recent article by the Gazette Review, pets can actually stimulate seniors and older adults cognitively by just doing mere research for a pet. It's important to find out about the breeds, their temperament, if they shed etc. so that they are able to safely take care of their pets in any environment. A lot of retirement communities allow pets, but they usually have a weight limit so if someone is thinking for the future, this is an important factor to consider. Owning a pet can also decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure and even enhance mobility by having to walk, bathe, play or feed their furry beloved animal. Not only does a pet put a smile on your face, but can elevate dopamine levels instantly by just merely petting a dog, cat, etc. Another positive is those with Alzheimer's and dementia may not remember who you are, but interacting with an animal can be extremely effective at engaging someone, especially if they owned an animal in the past. Many retirement communities engage in pet therapy whether with horses, dogs, cats or birds and by allowing people to have their own pets, helps improve our seniors quality of life. [] benefits of furry friends VICTORIA SOSA Cambridge Village

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