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THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — TRIANGLE NC | VOLUME 17 — ISSUE 2 96 HEALTH & WELLNESS I would dare say that if you asked any odds maker in the country you'd be hard-pressed to find one that could give you accurate odds on "when" you would need a healthcare professional. Ask the same person if he would give you odds that you would definitely need a healthcare professional in the near future and you might get an entirely different answer. The difficulty in seeing into the future of the health- care needs of you and your family are not if you'll need them… but when? The need for quality healthcare spans age boundar- ies, economic boundaries, even ethnic and religious boundaries. Sooner or later… maybe when you least expect it… you'll find yourself in need of an ER, urgent care, hospital, dentist, optometrist or ophthalmologist, audi- ologist or any of a hundred other professionals who have dedicated their lives to see- ing that you and your family member live happier and healthier lives. What if your next move could help you find award- winning physicians and healthcare facilities in your own neighborhood while putting you in close prox- imity to the top schools of medicine and research and at the same time helping you find employment in one of the few industries still expanding and reinventing itself? Sound too good to be true? It sounds very much like the Triangle Region of North Carolina. Within a 15-mile radius are three of the nation's top R&D universities: Duke University (Durham), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University (Raleigh). The region also is home to a large number of high- tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech in- dustries, with nearly 200 of the world's top research organizations just minutes from one another. The extensive R&D conducted at the "Big 3" universities, federal laboratories, and contract research organiza- tions is not just related to new drugs and therapies, but also to improvements in medical devices, testing, and the information technology that connects it all. Top Healthcare in the Triangle BY LAUREL HYATT Not only does the region offer a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned by the potential student but the region also boasts an abundance of state-of-the-art hospitals, clin- ics, lab facilities, and doctors' offices. Chapel Hill-based UNC Health (UNCH) is com- posed of not only award-winning hospitals, but wellness centers, nursing facilities, outpatient diagnostic urgent cares and surgery centers as well as the prize-winning School of Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill. UNCH includes a variety of hospitals in the Triangle Region includ- ing North Carolina Memorial Hospital, North Carolina Children's Hospital, North Carolina Cancer Hospital, North Carolina Neurosci- ences Hospital and the North Carolina Women's Hospital, as well as Rex Hospital in Raleigh, John- ston Medical Center in Smithfield, and Chatham Hospital in Siler City. With a staff of more than 7,100 employees (1,100 medical staff and 780 resi- dent physicians) UNC Hos- pitals and clinics provide patient care, educate health care professionals, advance research and provide com- munity service in each and every location. Chatham Hospital serves residents of Chatham County giving them access to the advanced health care options of a major health network in a community hospital environ- ment. The 25-bed facility in Siler City serves over 14,000 patients a year. Johnston Health's 199-bed facility in Smithfield and full-service 50-bed hospital in Clayton of- fers complete health care services to help serve the fast- growing communities of northern and western Johnston County. Meanwhile, UNC Rex Healthcare operates a 660-bed acute care facility with a wide range of health care services at locations across Wake County including five wellness centers, six suburban campuses, freestand- ing outpatient diagnostic urgent care and surgery cen- ters, and two skilled nursing facilities. UNC Faculty Physicians is the clinical service compo- nent of the UNC School of Medicine. More than 1,700 faculty physicians with UNC Faculty Physicians provide a full range of specialty and primary care services for >>

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