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37 THE ORIGINAL RELOCATION GUIDE — WESTERN NC | VOLUME 12 — ISSUE 2 HEALTH & WELLNESS worked closely with St. Luke's Hospital to create an excellent patient care team including a Physician's Assistant and Nurse Navigator to work with dedicated peri-operative, nursing and rehab staff to ensure his patients experience consistent outcomes, reduced hospital stays and a faster recovery. Rosenberg is board-certified and a leading surgeon in the Southeast performing the latest techniques for hip replacements known as Direct Anterior Hip Replacement, a relatively new procedure in the United States. Patients are now travelling across the county, the state, the country and even across the ocean to Polk County where Rosenberg has performed more than 250 direct anterior hip procedures. Rosenberg's expertise and techniques are now being shared with other surgeons across the country to demonstrate successfully decreased post-op pain and recovery through minimal incisions, using no staples or stitches and therefore a reduced risk of dislocation, blood loss, tissue damage, and muscle trauma. Rosenberg is also helping St. Luke's become one of the first hospitals in the country to provide a new customized total knee replacement. This custom knee procedure has tremendous benefits to patients, including a quicker, less painful recovery, increased range of motion, a more "natural" feeling knee and greater ease in performing normal living activities such as a golfing, biking and gardening. St. Luke's Hospital indeed provides exceptional care, close to home. From top heart units and trauma hospitals to extraordinary orthopedics, western North Carolina is blessed with an abundance of quality medical choices. These choices are not just limited to the hospitals, urgent cares, and clinics but to even single office family care physicians who have "chosen" to practice here, even though they could have received more accolades and fame elsewhere. It's the region and quality of life that has beckoned these top medical professionals in their fields to call this place home – we who live here, are the ones who receive the benefits! [] RIGHT SIZE YOUR PORTIONS MOVE MORE WATCH LESS TV EAT MORE FRUITS & VEGGIES PREPARE MORE MEALS AT HOME DRINK MORE WATER Don't sweat it – you can do it! Walk, jog or go bike riding with the kids – get your heart pumping at least 30 minutes a day. Try 10 minute intervals, 3 times a day to fi t your schedule better. Get moving and make small changes that can have a big effect on your life. I WILL M O V E MORE! EMPOWER YOURSELF. For more ways to get and stay active, visit: www.MyEatSmartMoveMore.com RIGHT SIZE YOUR PORTIONS WATCH LESS TV EAT MORE FRUITS & VEGGIES PREPARE MORE MEALS AT HOME DRINK MORE WATER Refreshing, healthy and free. Make water your drink of choice. Sodas, sweet tea and other sugary drinks taste great but are high in calories. So drink water. Add a lemon or other natural fl avorings if you like. Your body will thank you. EMPOWER YOURSELF. Thirsty for more? Visit: www.MyEatSmartMoveMore.com I WILL MORE WATER! MOVE MORE

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